Isothermal Dehumidifier DeAir.CRE-600

  • Temperature range
:  5~40 (oC)
  • Airflow rate
: 6,000 m3/h
  • Dehumidity capacity
: 600 L/ day
  • Nominal conditions
: 300C, 70%
  • Power consumption
: 7.85 kW
  • Power supply
: 380V/50Hz/3pha
  • Weight
: 290 kg
  • Gas type
: R410A/R407C
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
: (1,400 x 750 x 1,808) mm
  • Noise

: ≤ 72 dBA
138.980.000 VNĐ 145.000.000 VNĐ - 4.2%
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Product details

 After-sales service
DeAir Joint Stock company is responsible for warranty and maintenance of Dehumidifiers that were produced and Olmas brand was distributed by DeAir during the first 02 years.

To meet and exceed customer expectations of our products, DeAir always try the best to improve before and after sales services such as:

  • Accompanying with customers in all stages of system installation as well as ensuring that the product operates exactly according to design and consultation.
  • Supporting the discussion meetings about knowledge, features and operations of product at DeAir or customer’s factory when customer is willing to learn.
  • Via Web and Facebook, DeAir has provided online support and hotline for any queries dealing with products, services and warranties. Online support is available 24/7, wherein the grievance redressal mechanism is carried out according to the standard procedure of the company to ensure that customers will receive the feedbacks immediately.
  • Offering the free periodic maintenance. Committing into maintenance and hygiene activities every 3 months during the warranty period. Customer service department of DeAir will announce and confirm a week in advance to carry out the maintenance.
  • Providing with free replacement within 30 days if customers have found the defective products or have not satisfied with our services.
  • Besides maintaining, repairing and issue tracking, DeAir also supports to check temperature and humidity treatment system regularly. Maintaining and improving the customer’s existing system.
  • Our technical professionals have been training well to guarantee taking care of customer’s equipment in the best way.
  • Having available Genuine spare parts and ready to meet demands in the fastest way at the highest quality, ensuring that equipment will be operated according to strict standards dealing with function, quality and stability.
  • Modern customer management system will find out the Model, equipment condition and spare parts of replacement accurately and quickly.
  • DeAir members are always dedicated to counselling to help customers have the best choice and make the payment on a reasonable cost basis.
  • Customers are responsible to pay for repair in which was not including in scope of warranty stipulated by manufacturer.
  • DeAir provides some additional features (replacement of a part, for free counselling for entire duration of the product), offers product care packages with good price after the warranty period.
  • Conducting questionnaire surveys to evaluate the satisfaction of customer every year. (Small gifts for thanks)

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